Company panorama: A tool for sharpening the corporate vision and objectives

In the dynamic world of corporate management, the clear definition of vision and goals is crucial for success. The "Company Panorama" is an innovative service aimed at sharpening and consolidating these elements within a company. Inspired by Daniela Blickhan's "personality panorama", the company panorama has been specially adapted for the business context.

Aim and benefits of the company panorama

The company panorama is a workshop service that is specifically designed to clearly define the vision and goals of a company. This process is of particular interest to founders and start-ups, as it helps them not only to define their own business ambitions, but also to make them presentable and understandable for the entire founding team and potential investors.

Another key benefit of the company panorama is the improvement of collaboration within the founding team. Through joint workshops, in which up to five participants can take part, a deep understanding of common goals and visions is developed, which strengthens the team dynamic and the focus on common corporate goals.

Application areas and expansion options

In addition to the basic definition of goals and team building, the company panorama can also serve as a starting point for the development of a company-wide glossary or taxonomy. This is particularly relevant for knowledge management as well as process and data integration in larger companies. A well-defined glossary ensures clarity and consistency in communication within the company and is an essential basis for efficient business processes.

The company panorama can also be expanded to include a workshop on "Business Knowledge Blueprints" in the sense of Ronald G. Ross. This involves defining important terms relating to the business model and company processes, which are then incorporated into the company-wide glossary. Such workshops are essential to ensure consistent and comprehensive understanding across all areas of the company.

Benefits for the entire company

By implementing a company panorama and the resulting business knowledge blueprints, a company lays the foundation for improved internal and external communication. It not only supports knowledge management, but also enterprise content management and enterprise application integration. In addition, it facilitates the procurement and development of software as well as the description and standardization of business processes.


The company panorama offers an excellent opportunity to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a company by promoting a clear and unified view of all internal processes and goals. For companies that not only want to define their vision and goals, but also successfully implement them, the company panorama is an indispensable resource.

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