Requirements engineering as a service

Requirements Engineering (RE) is a critical component in the software development process, ensuring that all functional and non-functional requirements are accurately captured, understood and implemented. My service in this area draws on extensive experience and a deep understanding of the necessary processes and methodologies to ensure your project success.

Extensive experience and expertise

My career includes significant stints at leading companies such as Siemens AG Group Holding. There, I played a key role in Group-wide Y2K reporting and also developed the software for IT asset management as part of Group-wide carve-outs. These projects required a deep technical understanding and the ability to translate complex requirements into effective software solutions.

As a project manager and product owner, I gained extensive experience in various intranet projects for renowned companies such as Oracle, Telefonica and Bayer AG. My tasks ranged from initial requirements gathering and stakeholder management to designing the application architecture.

Technical expertise

My technical skills include both traditional and agile requirements engineering methods. Not only am I familiar with the Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) processes of the International Requirements Engineering Board, but I also use agile methods such as user stories, user story mapping and executable specifications. These methods are complemented by interviews, document analyses, application reviews and workshops to ensure complete and comprehensive requirements capture.

Individualized approach

Thanks to my training in coaching, I am particularly qualified to lead teams and design projects to meet the specific needs of the client. My aim is to achieve the best results for your specific project requirements through close collaboration and tailored solutions.

Your partner for successful projects

With my experience as a developer, team leader and requirements engineering expert, I offer a service that is characterized by precise requirements elicitation, effective stakeholder management and methodically sound implementation. Let's work together to ensure that your software projects are successfully implemented and efficiently support your business goals.

I look forward to bringing my expertise to your next project and developing outstanding solutions together.

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