integriertes Wissensmanagement

The advantages of linked open data for companies

Introduction to Linked Open Data

Linked Open Data (LOD) is a method of data publication that aims to make data as accessible and linkable as possible. By using standards such as RDF (Resource Description Framework) and URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers), LOD enables efficient networking and integration of data across system and organizational boundaries.

Integrated knowledge management: a holistic approach

Definition and meaning

Integrated knowledge management is a comprehensive approach that combines classic organizational knowledge management with technical knowledge management, enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise application integration (EAI). This method aims to create an effective, holistic practice that enables companies to systematically capture, manage and harness information and knowledge.

Permanent IDs (PermIDs): A key tool for Integrated Knowledge Management

In the modern corporate landscape, the ability to quickly and efficiently
access relevant information is crucial to success.
Permanent IDs (PermIDs) play a central role in this. This concept,
inspired by practices from the Semantic Web, aims to assign a unique
identification number in the form of a URL to every
important element within a company - be it a person, an
organizational unit, a product or a service.

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