Company-wide glossary and taxonomies: The cornerstones of knowledge management

A well-structured, company-wide glossary and well thought-out taxonomies are
indispensable tools for information integration and
knowledge management in a company. They provide a standardized basis
on which all company processes and structures are clearly defined and

Role and implementation

Each entry in the company-wide glossary and each category in the taxonomies
is given its own PermID, which means they are seamlessly integrated into the overarching
knowledge management system. This facilitates the consistent
use of terms and categories in documents,
software development requirements and strategy papers.

Benefits and strategic importance

These structured information resources not only enable improved
internal communication processes, but also more efficient marketing strategies
and a consistent presentation on the company website. By
using open schema languages such as OWL and more specific
validation schemas such as SHACL, companies can ensure that their
data structures remain flexible while adhering to precise standards.

Future prospects and technological integration

The integration of glossary and taxonomy elements into advanced
IT infrastructures supports the development of business intelligence and
analytics, improves the findability of information and promotes the
standardization of business processes. In the long term, these elements also
form the basis for the implementation of Retrival Augmented Generation (RAG)
with Large Language Models (LLMs), which significantly increases the efficiency of enterprise chatbots
and other cognitive technologies.


Both PermIDs and a comprehensive company-wide glossary and taxonomies are
crucial for building an effective, integrated knowledge management

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