Permanent IDs (PermIDs): A key tool for Integrated Knowledge Management

In the modern corporate landscape, the ability to quickly and efficiently
access relevant information is crucial to success.
Permanent IDs (PermIDs) play a central role in this. This concept,
inspired by practices from the Semantic Web, aims to assign a unique
identification number in the form of a URL to every
important element within a company - be it a person, an
organizational unit, a product or a service.

Functionality and advantages of PermIDs

A PermID functions as a universal reference point within the
company network. Entering this URL in a browser takes users to
a special intranet page that contains meta information and, depending on the
depth of integration, also specific data on the respective object. In the
simplest case, this page provides basic descriptions and lists all
relevant applications that manage information about the object. These
applications are linked to the object via local IDs and are directly

Implementation and integration

The implementation of PermIDs allows document and
knowledge management to be seamlessly
integrated into the world of structured company data. Not only can users quickly access documents and applications
that are linked to specific objects, but it also enables
the display of relevant data directly on the PermID page. For employees
this could be contact details and current projects, for
products details about customers and usage.

Expansion and future prospects

As data integration progresses, companies can invest more resources in
information integration to maximize the benefits. In the long term,
these PermIDs can serve as the basis for more advanced applications such as
company chatbots that can retrieve and process both unstructured and structured data

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